Checklist for Tired Parents

Written by:PaulJune 10, 2022

We get it. You’re tired. You have zero time. You have zero energy.

You’re a parent!

Sometimes, having kids can make even thinking a chore. As one parenting crisis after another pops up, decision fatigue can set in with even the most hardened of parents.

That’s why Simka Rose created a simple, direct checklist for any baby situation. Next time you’re too tired to even think, simply follow the checklist!

What To Do If Your Baby is Crying

  • Pick them up
  • Rock them
  • Pat or rub their back
  • Walk them around the house
  • Feed them
  • Sing to them
  • Play music for them
  • Give them a pacifier 
  • Change their diaper
  • Lay them down for a nap
  • Swaddle them in a Simka Rose blanket
  • Give them a warm bath
  • Put them in a swing or vibrating seat
  • Take them for a stroller ride
  • Check their temperature it- should be under 100.4°F (38°C)
  • Call a doctor if they have a fever

What to Do at Baby Meal Time

  • Wash their hands
  • Put them in a high chair or booster seat
  • Put on their bib. Tip: The Simka Rose Silicone Bib has a handy pocket to catch falling food
  • Remove distractions (TVs, phones, and toys can all decrease your baby’s interest in food)
  • Serve food with Simka Rose Suction Plate or Bowl
  • Feed them with a Simka Rose Spoon or let them explore eating at their own pace if they’re ready!
  • Clean up! All Simka Rose feeding accessories are dishwasher safe!

What to do if Your Baby is Bored

  • Play peekaboo
  • Show them a mirror
  • Give them some tummy time
  • Move them to a new area
  • Read them a book
  • Play music for them
  • Dance with them (gently)
  • Give them a bath
  • Put them under a mobile
  • Put them in a swing or vibrating seat
  • Take them for a stroller ride
  • Give them an age-appropriate toy
  • Let them watch TV (a little won’t hurt!)
  • Video call someone with them